Teleschool information

Welcome parents and students!

Here you will find everything you need to access Teleschool resources for Mr. King's theatre classes.  If you have questions about the work or need clarity, please contact me at​

Teleschool Catch-Up

All students have the opportunity to complete any teleschool assignment without penalty.  All work given in the weeks prior to spring break can be found by clicking the appropriate button below.

Recovery/Missing Assignments

All students have the opportunity to recover grades for assignments given prior to March 12th.  Recovery will function exactly like normal school circumstances.

Check Infinite Campus to locate any grades that you may be unhappy with and contact Mr. King regarding the options below.

Options for Recovering Grades:

  • A student can complete any assignment for which they have a 0 (Zero) in Infinite Campus prior to March 12th

  • A student can complete any assignment marked as missing (M) or incomplete (I)

  • A student may request an alternative recovery assignment for work that requires supplies that students may not have at home. 

  • A student may request to complete their own creative assignment or project that shows mastery of technical theatre skills and/or techniques.