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2022-2023 course offerings

Dramatic Writing for Stage, Film, & Television

Term: Year

*Open for 11th & 12th Graders Only*

Description: This year-long course is a participation/project-based course designed to provide students with opportunities to explore the professional writing process including the writing life, multi-genre writing, script writing, and pitching to studios/networks.  This course is also accepted by the USG as a 4th ELA requirement and automatically counts as two transcript credits (Fine Arts elective & ELA).

Fundamentals of Theatre

Term: Year

Description: This beginning year-long course is an introduction to all aspects of theatre.  Focused on preparing students for the next level of their chosen pathway, one semester is dedicated to acting and one semester is dedicated to technical theatre & design.


Term: Year

Description: This year-long course is designed to immerse students in an intensive company-like atmosphere.  Students will collaborate to design, direct, rehearse, and perform a variety of department productions including a fall one-act play and a spring production.  Students will also engage in training using a variety of advanced techniques and participate in workshops with local theatre artists.

Technical Theatre 2-4

Term: Year

Description: These year-long courses are designed to develop and refine students skills in all areas of design and production.  These courses delve deeper into each area of design through active work on productions, concerts, and other department events.  All students are required to complete specific after school production assignments to earn credit for these courses.

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