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Troupe 4389 success at thescon!

From February 6th - 8th, North Springs Thespian Troupe #4389 traveled to Columbus, GA to participate in the Georgia Thespian Conference. Students were exposed to numerous workshops; watched play performances by other GA high schools; auditioned and interviewed for scholarships; and participated in individual events in technical theatre, acting, and musical theatre. We are proud to announced that our students bring home some very cool honors.

1) Troupe 4389 was recognized as Gold Status which is the highest honor a troupe can received based off of various categories for troupe involvement in theatrical activities, festivals, community service projects, and much more.

2) Seniors Josh Sparks and Genevieve Cortez brought home scholarships!

3) Josh Sparks received superior ratings for his stage management of ALiCE.

4) Elaine Berger received superior ratings for her stage management of The Glass Menagerie and her sound design of Gruesome Playground Injuries (which received a perfect score and was selected for showcase.)

5) Elena Dollinger and Moira Poh received superior ratings for their duet Disneyland from the musical Smile.

5) Our tech challenge team of Genevieve Cortez, Ella Cyr, Matthew Szabo, and Austen Thomas received 2nd place overall for GA.

6) Sophomores Katie Griffin, Jake Skiba, Matthew Szabo and senior Alma Kent all got very good feedback on their events.

7) Our group performance of Welcome to the Renaissance from Something Rotten also received excellent feedback.

Our students had a great time and we can't wait to keep rising next year!

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