2020-2021 department Operations

The information provided below is as current as possible but is subject to change.  Please check back regularly for updates.

Hello parents & students!


This information is PRELIMINARY so please understand nothing is official or moving toward being official yet. Also, please understand that we are aware of all guidelines and safety concerns and appropriate measures would be take in any event.


Opportunities may soon arise for groups to have after school meetings.  Since the beginning of the school year, some sports teams have been practicing, but many other groups have not been meeting on campus.  There may soon be opportunities for this to change.


Mr. Owens and I have said that we are not comfortable until clear measures have been taken for safety.  However, as things begin to shift, I want to be transparent and get your feedback.


Things have been very fluid recently but have been trending in positive directions.


That said, I have laid some guidelines below that would be instituted in rehearsals and performance IF we decide to move in that direction.


  1. Masks are mandatory at all times

  2. Hand sanitizer stations in rehearsal areas and the hallways

  3. Staggered restroom breaks and use of a single set of restrooms

  4. No leaving the rehearsal area

  5. Must bring your own water and snacks

  6. Failure to follow guidelines would get a student sent home

  7. Second failure to follow guidelines would get a student dismissed from their responsibility in the show


If these guidelines were strictly followed and monitored would you be interested in having rehearsal and performance for students to come F2F?  No audience would be allowed at this time.  If we get to a performance, it would be recorded and streamed or live-streamed.


Again, this is preliminary, and we understand all safety concerns.  All district reports are monitored as are CDC reports.  Please be kind and provide positive or constructive response only.


Remember that we are working hard to make the best opportunities we can.


I know you've done several of these, but please take a moment after you've considered this to complete this 


We are also discussion specific ideas about doing radio theatre as an option too.  That would be the virtual option on the survey.